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The Classes

Very few of us are born with the grace and athleticism of a dancer, but with hard work and sweat we can learn enough to jump into any dance class and confidently go with the flow. Informed Technique® classes provide a twist on traditional dance technique by incorporating spring resistance with standard dance steps and the addition of Pilates to build strength while reinforcing good form. Informed Technique® offers new boutique fitness classes that will get you in peak condition while developing poise and flexibility. You will never have to compete for mirror or floor space in these classes which are limited to 5 students.

The Basics
Think ballet barre taken to the next level. With the addition of spring resistance, the workout becomes ten times more challenging for your glutes, thighs, arms, and core. The choreography is simple, classic and effective, so no experience is required. 55 minutes.

The Basics

You enjoy a challenge, have performed various types of choreography, and are ready to take it further. The addition of springs will help you find your center faster which translates to better balance, stronger performance capabilities and ease of movement for your other activities. With faster pacing, the choreography in this class is more fluid and provides cardiovascular and strength challenges. 55 minutes.

Contemporary / Modern

The Cardio class combines elements of the Basics & Contemporary/Modern classes, but at a faster pace with more jumping intervals to get your heart pumping. The class is designed to keep you moving in a safe and effective way, always with the format of classical dance technique in mind. 55 minutes.


30 minute Introduction to the Structure
Learn the basic concepts behind Informed Technique® and how to use our custom-built suspension system - the Informed Structure®. This 30-minute private introductory class provides an opportunity for newcomers to get comfortable with basic dance techniques and to find the right spring and strap settings for your body so you go into other classes with ease of use of our equipment.

Contemporary / Modern

Private Sessions
Whether you are dabbling in new movement modalities or want a non-compressive workout, these sessions are great opportunities to stretch, strengthen and learn how to use your body in a new way. For more information about Private Sessions, click here.

Contemporary / Modern

30-minute Introduction to the Structure: $60
Introductory 3-class pack:
$75 (new clients only)
5-class pack: $150
10-class pack: $250
* Please note: There are no single class purchases available. We recommend kick starting your workout routine with the 3-class pack to familiarize yourself with the Informed Structure® and the Informed Technique® workout.

•  Payments for services are made in advance of your session.
•  We require a 24-hour cancellation notice. Please contact us at or call 415-626-1111, or you will be charged
in full.
•  3 class packs expire after 60 days
•  5 class packs expire after 60 days
•  10 class packs expire after 90 days
•  All sales are final

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Private Sessions