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  What is IT?

While many other workouts use springs or resistance on either the arms or legs, Informed Technique® uses resistance on both simultaneously. By performing dance movement, Pilates and functional training on the custom designed suspension system, you will learn proper movement techniques to safely enhance your performance for long lasting results.

Benefits of the Informed Technique® workouts include:
  Learning appropriate placement by improving body awareness and alignment through feedback from Informed Technique's equipment's springs
  Increasing length and muscle engagement to tone and strengthen without bulking
  Improving balance to move gracefully and powerfully
  Aiding in the proper use of joints and muscles making you feel weightless in movement
  Supports the low back to allow the body to feel lifted
  Strengthening of the arms and legs and aids in opening up tight hips
  Efficiently use muscles to their maximum potential
  Incorporates cardio into your fitness routine
  Improves balance and stability



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